Hero Payments

HeroBase just got stronger, bigger and better:
We welcome Hero Payments to our family

Increase your number of successes!

With Hero Payments it's easy for you to accept payments from your customers, donors, members and others via credit cards, MobilePay and various national payment solutions. You avoid a lot of programming work and the very high security requirements imposed by national and international standards. Instead, Hero Payments takes care of all that for you!

Call agents speaking to possible customers within Hero Outbound, can simply send a payment request and witness the acceptance of the customer in real-time.

With Hero Payments, you can diminish the number of cancellations and oversights when exchanging payment interactions with your customers.

Whether your customers are donating to charity or buying subscriptions, now you can be assured that their payment has been handled fast, transparent and accurate, according to all rules and regulations.

Furthermore, we can announce that with Hero Payments we can offer you a collection of payment solutions with which we can cater to any of your demands.

  • Mobilepay
  • Dankort direct
  • Dankort app
  • BS payment
  • BS subscription
  • Credit card direct

All payment channels combined in ONE solution !

Hero Payments supports all the current payment cards used in Denmark, for example. VISA, MasterCard and Dankort.