Hero Word AI

AI, Analytics, and Automation with Hero Word AI

In partnership with Mirsk, HeroBase is excited to bring to you the future in contact center software solutions…Hero Word AI

With Hero Word AI, automatically convert telephone, email, and SMS conversations into a searchable and analytical database that can be used to optimize your sales and customer service and create better-targeted communication to your selected markets.

Hero Word AI leverages both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to create better customer experiences and automate more interactions. This not only saves you time, but the system is constantly learning in order to generate useful insights into your business practices.


  • Automatically analyze calls to identify agent training and coaching opportunities
  • Reduce customer churn by identifying ‘at-risk’ customers so agents can take proactive action to retain them
  • Reduce average talk time
  • Save hours by automating quality control
  • Raise sales rates of your agents

There are numerous ways to configure Hero Word AI to benefit your business and transform your sales strategy.

Contact us today and learn how Hero Word AI can improve customer experiences and provide insights on how to improve your contact center’s effectiveness and productivity.