Integrations can save you and your users clicks and time – and avoid human errors while automating work processes.

Our API allows you to retrieve, update and insert all common data types from your account (leads, calls, users etc.)
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Our Dynamics CRM Connector allows you to create dynamic searches and transfer leads and more to Hero Outbound campaigns with one click.
Plecto's unique, customizable dashboards allow you to combine data from numerous different data sources and visualize team performace
Journey XP
Connect Hero Outbound to your customer journeys - or reverse - with this easy-to-use integration, that converts Hero Outbound into an executing component from JourneyXP.
Serio Verify
For those enjoying automating marketing and business processes via Serio Verify, our integration makes lead transfers and cross-channel reporting easy to setup.
Our integration sends leads with specific, customizable statuses into Podio, allowing you to utilize their calendar to keep track of appointments and much more.
With our Zapier app you'll set up workflows with a few clicks and access a library of services and platforms that's ever-growing.
IntraManager taps into multiple parts of Hero Outbound with two-way data flows for users, fields, products and more.
This global workforce management solution allows you to export employees and their data directly from tamigo to HeroBase.
Webhooks can be set up via the user interface in Hero Outbound and push data to your external webservice.
Klipfolio, an online dashboard platform, enables you to establish and configure your Outbound data jobs yourself.