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Hero Payments

HeroBase just got Stronger, Bigger, and Better With Hero Payments, it’s easy for you to accept payments from your customers, donors, members, and others via credit cards, MobilePay, and various national payment solutions. You avoid a lot of programming work and the very high-security requirements imposed by national and international standards. Instead, Hero Payments takes […]

Hero Word AI

AI, Analytics, and Automation with Hero Word AI In partnership with Mirsk, HeroBase is excited to bring to you the future in contact center software solutions…Hero Word AI With Hero Word AI, automatically convert telephone, email, and SMS conversations into a searchable and analytical database that can be used to optimize your sales and customer service and create […]

Hero Sweden

We are thrilled to announce to you the expansion of HeroBase A/S through the acquisition of Dialing Sweden AB, a provider of outbound dialer solutions based in Stockholm! Dialing Sweden AB has been developing call center software for more than 10 years from a sales-oriented and user-friendly perspective. Combining this expertise with the HeroBase platform […]

Sales Buddy

The Best Things are Built through Collaboration HeroBase has partnered with ROI Agency to bring you the Sales Enablement platform Hero SalesBuddy the newest addition to our Outbound solution. With Hero SalesBuddy, you get a tailor-made sales cockpit that ensures higher efficiency and conversion…boosting your daily sales. This platform provides your sales team with the resources they need to find […]

Work From Home with HeroBase

We at HeroBase know that there are heroes everywhere, not just in the office. That’s why our solutions are built so you can work from any remote location at any time. Here is how you can use HeroBase for your work from home employees. What you’ll need: Be a HeroBase Outbound, Flows and or Payments […]