Documents and Agreements

On this page, you find documents and information which is part of the agreement you enter with HeroBase, when using our solutions.

Note that this page is currently undergoing translation into local languages. Meanwhile, feel free to enjoy the information in English.

There are in total four documents making up your agreement with HeroBase, when using our solution Hero Outbound:

- The contract - forms the overall framework for the relation between you and us. Includes prices, your named contact information etc.

- Terms and conditions - contains the details, Service Level Agreement etc.

- Data Protection Agreement - defines the responsibilities of you, as a customer and Data Controller, and HeroBase, as a provider and Data Processor.

- Hero Outbound Platform Security & Data Privacy (current version: 1.13) - explains and documents how the solutions work from a technical perspective, how data is stored and exchanged, where data is hosted etc. This document is, along with the contract, considered as the default instructions for handling data, if no other instructions are explicitly provided.