Celebrating the true heroes!

At HeroBase A/S we aspire to be the safe haven of our heroes. This is where they will be sure to find support and assurance that someone is standing by their side through thick and thin. This is where they can find the tools they need to be extraordinary. This is the home of the Hero Solution Suite.

The Company

HeroBase A/S dates back to the incorporation of Actimizer A/S in 2006 and IvoCall ApS in 2007. In 2016 the two companies merged, creating a leading provider of outbound call center software in Northern Europe. IvoCall was a flexible and user-friendly telemarketing system with progressive dialing lifting sales considerably. In addition, the system included a flexible statistics module, duplicate check, and a customizable user interface facilitating cross-selling and upselling. Actimizer Lead Relationship Management solution helped sales organizations increase efficiency and profitability of outbound sales activities.

The Solutions

At HeroBase A/S we have worked to combine the strengths of these two, proven products. HeroBase A/S provides call center solutions under the common name Hero. The combination of the two former solutions, the Actimizer LRM and the IvoCall TM System, form the basis of the first, upcoming solution: Hero Outbound. We will be making considerable additions to the Hero Solutions Suite in the future.

The Brand

As HeroBase A/S we are designing solutions to help organizations and their people grow. During our ten years of providing solutions to outbound call centers, we have gained a tremendous respect for the efforts of our users. Heart and soul, we are dedicated to helping those who work every day to connect with others: The Sales Agents, the Fundraisers, the Market Researchers, the Appointment Bookers, the Business Development Representatives and many others like them. These are the true, unsung heroes of connections. These are the extraordinary people who create growth for themselves, their organizations, and the communities. These are our heroes!