What's special about our product?

All it requires to get started is internet access. You can try, buy and implement Hero Outbound without even involving your it department. Our experienced development team drives innovation at a rapid pace, continuously improving the product and quickly understands the customer case stories. We have a strong vision of the future and an aggressive roadmap to get us there.

Boost & retain proactivity

Ensure and retain sales efficiency in your outbound sales team and with your channel partners.

Outbound dialers

Make more calls per prospecting hour and increase sales efficiency by up to 400%. Automatic call-logging ensures full transparency into your outbound efficiency.

Return call manager

Never miss a single inbound returned call from a customer. With the Hero Outbound return-call manager returned inbound calls are directed back to the outbound sales agent.

Send e-mails

Easy create templates and send email directly from within the dialer. With additional tracking and engagement with customers.

Send text messages

Create custom text messages and send without interrupting the dialing session. You could create templates and data merge as well.

Transparency & KPIs

Always know exactly how well your sales and teams are performing - even when you are on the go.

Call recording

Voice recording for sales training or documentation. Record full conversations or on-demand sequences. Play/download mp-3 files from any device.

Custom reporting

Custom metrics and KPIs at your fingertips. Get the full overview with off-the-shelf reports - or customize your own.

Live wallboard

Show off your teams' performance in your call centers and sky-rocket sales agent motivation. Hero Outbound live wall-board provides valuable insights.

Lead management

Easily administrate, distribute and process your leads.

Lead admin database

Gain full control over your lead contact and processing flow. Daily lead management and administration is easy with Hero Outbound.

Campaign management

Have campaigns up and running in minutes - custom-define and fine-tune your contact flow. With Hero Outbound you get campaign management right at your fingertips.

User management

Easily manage campaign rights and feature settings on user- or team level.
Set different levels of access for the internal sales organization and external partners.

Seamless integration

Smoothly integrate data flow between your outbound campaigns and your CRM system, BI system or lead vendors.

CRM connector

With The Hero Outbound CRM connector you can live update your online CRM or BI system without the time-consuming import and export of data. Via a simple link connection, The Hero Outbound CRM connector makes it easy to connect to other systems.

Integration via API

Web-2-Dialer import. LIVE import leads from web-forms for calling within a few minutes. External partner import. Enable external lead vendors to import leads automatically with duplicate control.